Sunday Art Fair London | LTD Los Angeles 
Booth 8 
35 Marylebone Road Ambika P3

August 9th-September 15th
Unbecoming: Yale Photo 2018 MFA Thesis Show
LTD Los Angeles
1119 South La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA
Opening Reception: August 11th 6-8 pm

Unbecoming: Yale Photo 2018 MFA Thesis Show
David Zwriner Gallery 
533 W. 19th Street New York, NY
Opening Reception: July 12th 6-8 pm

Online Viewing Room:

Unbecoming by A.L. Steiner Essay:


Art Forum 
October Issue
Top 10 Performances by Jeremy O’ Harris

The Cut: NY Mag 
“The Yale Photography Show Dwells in Negative Space”
August 14th, 2018
By Sarah Nechamkin
“Yale Photography MFAs Smash the Thin Border Between Fiction and Reality”
July 24th, 2018